MS150 – 2019 Edition

It’s that time of year again. I’m gearing up to head to Dallas so I can raise money to fight MS through better care and treatment for those dealing with it on a daily basis. My cousin is one of those and has benefitted from the advances which have been made. This is the 19th riding of the Feisty Devils and it’s been a rewarding time meeting friends while supporting a great cause. Thank you all for the years of donations, the ongoing love for my family means the world.

Celebrating Feistiness – 15 Years of the Feisty Devils was 4 Years Ago

The last several years I’ve given folks a way to enjoy supporting me by loading songs into a Spotify playlist. Rick Astley always makes an appearance somewhere and y’all make sure I Don’t Stop Believing while I Get on My Bad Motorscooter and Ride. Love and Memories seems like a great way to start. Be creative, have fun with it, and know that my dance game is better on a bike than off it.

For more fun stuff, donors can download and use some recent Boozemoji doodles. These are loads of fun as backgrounds for laptops, phones, iPads, and even using the kaleidoscope Apple Watch face. You’ll find them below the playlist.

Here are the rules:

  • Click the button and donate.
  • If your company matches donations then fill out the form and credit yourself with 2X more tunes. Ohana members can search for Salesforce right from the form. Oracle’s there too, y’all.
  • If you’re a Spotify user, add the right number of songs to the list.
  • If you’re NOT a Spotify user then tell me the songs you want in the comments section BELOW.
  • Follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter. I post a lot over the weekend and you can follow the exploits.
AmountNumber of Songs

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