2018 Dallas MS150

This is the latest edition of my ride to fight MS in Dallas. I head there from Atlanta each year to support my cousin, who’s living with MS, as the Feisty Devils cycling team raises money to fight the disease. You can read more about it here. Last year was a bit different because she was undergoing a treatment designed to reset her immune system and she didn’t ride. She’s back this year and progress continues to be made in new treatments.

My own tradition to help raise money is a Spotify playlist. Donate to the cause and load up some songs to motivate and/or annoy me. Any song is fair game. The best examples are Kickstart My Heart and the Barney Theme Song. I’ve also learned that people will make Travolta moves on a road bike while you’re listening to music from Saturday Night Fever – if you sell it hard enough.

Here are the rules:

  • Click the button and donate.
  • If your company matches donations then fill out the form and credit yourself with 2X more tunes. Ohana members can search for Salesforce right from the form. Oracle’s there too, y’all.
  • If you’re a Spotify user, add the right number of songs to the list.
  • If you’re NOT a Spotify user then tell me the songs you want in the comments section BELOW.
  • Follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter. I post a lot over the weekend and you can follow the exploits.
Amount Number of Songs
$25 3
$35 5
$50 7
$75 11
$100 15



Donate, contribute, and follow (if you dare)!
Donate, contribute, and follow (if you dare)!

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