My Own Hymn – A Little Self-Love

This is a bonus blog. I’m diverting some time from this blog to spend time on another project I’ve got which pulls from what I’ve written here. It amounts to self change and how to go about it. There was a gap in my content so here I am, filling it.

When I pick a topic to write about, I choose from things I come across in the world. It could be a something I see while I’m traveling, a book I’ve read, a TED Talk, a day spent with friends or family, a success or struggle I’ve had, or simply something goofy which popped in my head. Every once in a while, I write based on a song which hits me a certain way. As I’m working through all this content, I came across the post Dirty Little Secrets.

In that post, I noted that we’ve all got inner thoughts about who we are. We all have thoughts about our own self-worth and some of those are driven by external factors – basically what other people think. That doesn’t always fit with what we think of ourselves. Dirty Little Secrets was inspired by Spotify posting a song I was listening to onto my Facebook feed. I got an “aww, that’s cute” comment and basically replied that I like what I like. I don’t need the validation that anyone else agrees or not. Chances are that you’re not reading this in elementary school and have made it to adulthood. That doesn’t mean you were never been bullied, don’t have self-doubts, and that it hasn’t affected your life. It doesn’t mean that your fears don’t hold you back at times even now. That’s part of being human.

That brings us to my current song: My Own Hymn. It’s is about someone who’s looking at a picture of themselves a child and thinking back to their life when they were young. They wonder why they let others lie to them, shame them, darken their ambitions, or cast doubt on their dreams. They were broken, gave in, and gave up. Those dreams didn’t materialize. Now they look in the mirror and see themselves and they judge themselves on their own – and they see someone good and worthy.

Self love – Looking in the mirror and loving and valuing who see is important to us all.

Any self-change and growth will need to overcome doubts. In every single effort to stretch what we’re capable of, there is the possibility of failure which can hold us back. And without failure, we don’t get the chance to learn all that we can. Here’s an interview with Ray Dalio who grew one of the most significant private companies in the US talking about the opportunity in failure (thanks, Rex). Even the most successful people don’t always win, but they do come away from their defeats with knowledge. If you don’t take the chance, you can’t find out. If you’re held back because you’re not resilient, then you don’t take the chance. And if you can’t look in the mirror and sing “Ohhhhh, your soul is good”, then you won’t have that resilience.

And with that, the song of the day. Sing it a bit and give yourself a hug when you need it.

A (probably partial) list of posts I’ve made involving songs:

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