Quick Thoughts from Night 1 #RNCinCLE

First an admission: I don’t usually watch either convention and spent most of the broadcast watching a movie. I caught up on some of it live at Melania Trump’s speech and saw a few highlights surrounding the events and speakers.

First and foremost, Steve King sickened me. Such smiling, innocent racism from one of our elected Representatives serving in Congress should shame us all. There’s been plenty written about math, arts, science, language, paper, philosophy, etc. that this is absurd. There’s not been a word from any senior GOP leadership about what’s said below. To be clear, this isn’t the media putting words in Rep. King’s mouth. He said it, almost gleefully, on his own. Without a disavowal, this is as good as an endorsement around the RNC. This is what racism looks like.

Second, and nearly as bad, was General Flynn’s speech. He said it was a tough act following Melania Trump (She spoke well even if they weren’t all her words. Read more about that elsewhere.) and apparently it was. He went on and on about American Exceptionalism, how we’re not respected anymore, and how we’re at war and under attack. I know this will seem alarmist to some, but this is exactly a playbook we’ve seen before. These are the words of the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany. It’s what’s being sold on-stage at the Republican National Convention and it’s alongside what Steve King said. The corollaries are there. It’s not subtle.

Hermann Goring
-Hermann Göring The Nuremberg Trials

What else? Antonio Sabato, Jr. said that President Obama  is a Muslim. From the link provided: “We had a Muslim president for seven and half years,” Sabato Jr. said, adding “I don’t believe he is [a Christian].”

I’m not going to argue whether he is or not. I will say that he was elected twice and that having a specific religion is not a requirement of office. His right to practice his own religion, whatever it is, is protected by the First Amendment. If your retort is that we’re at war with all Muslims and that he must be on their side… Well, see Hermann Göring’s quote above.

I’ve voted Republican in Presidential Elections before, although not exclusively. It’s always been a tradeoff of wanting fiscal conservativism and social moderation. I’m seeing outright social extremism now. Everything I read about Donald Trump’s business dealings in the past is scary when you look at it in a national economy. His tax views would put this country in deeper debt hole rather than dig us out. His foreign economic policies would likely start trade wars with China and Mexico. This isn’t going to help our economy.

None of this helps Make America Great Again. Every bit is coming directly from Trump and the GOP, not the mainstream media. It’s not Hilary. It’s not Obama. It is dangerous. I can’t see voting Republican again at this point. None of this says that I trust Mrs. Clinton. It does say that the Republican party is at the point where they’ve repulsed me as a human.

2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts from Night 1 #RNCinCLE

  1. GOOD!!! The Today show played Melania’s speech followed line by line with Michelle Obama’s first speech. they match almost word for word. Otherwise known as plagiarism. Mom


    1. IMO she was backed into a corner. I’ve got no idea if she copied or the speech writers. She did an admirable job delivering what turned out to be partially stolen work. I actually feel badly for her because she was used.
      That part of the speech makes more sense if Michelle Obama said it.


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