2016 Dallas MS150 Ride

Each year, I support my cousin in her efforts to raise funds to support research to cure MS. She’s had the disease for fifteen years which is as long as the Feisty Devils cycling team has been in existence. It was her response to her diagnosis as a way to fight back.  We’ve raised about $2,000,000 since then and continue to do come back for more.

I’ll be back on the bike again in 2016 April 30-May 1 for 160 miles over two days. Last year I introduced a fun idea – Donate and add to the Spotify playlist I’ll be listening to over the weekend. Last year people added everything from Mötley Crüe to disco to kids song. The Barney theme song still burns in my head and I learned that singing Staying Alive while pointing your finger like Travolta will get people to join in – even on a bike.

Simple rules to avoid confusion and ensure you motivate/torture me:

  • Click the button and donate.
  • If your company matches donations then fill out the form and credit yourself with more tunes. Oracle employees can search for Oracle Corp right from the form.
  • If you’re a Spotify user, add the right number of songs to the list.
  • If you’re NOT a Spotify user then tell me the songs you want in the comments section BELOW.
  • Follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter. I post a lot over the weekend and you can follow the exploits.

Donate Button

Amount Number of Songs
$25 1
$35 2
$50 3
$75 4
$100 6


Donate to my ride!


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