Being the Best You That You Can Be

2014 was a bitch of a year. It was a year that tried my soul. I had my mother living with us for half of it, had to deal with my father’s dementia blowing up in a life-threatening way, planned and executed a job change involving some risk, rebranded myself professionally, and had my younger son’s bar mitzvah to wrap it up. That last event involved a lot of juggling of priorities and resources which seemed a culmination of the entire year. I felt that it was a good summation to the preceding twelve months. When I put together this video, it pulled together a lot of learning, work, and struggles. As I sit through it, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Watch and then I’ll explain.

That’s not a bragging kind of thing. It’s the kind of thing you do when you insert yourself into a news story or comic book and say, “Yeah, if that were me then I’d totally do XYZ.” Then when the situation arises, you actually have to follow through with it. There’s times when you have to act in the blink of an eye and times when a given scenario plays out over days, weeks, and months. Each one may – and will – happen on its own terms which you have to adapt to. What you have to do is call upon who you are and react. Some of this is playing a first-person-shooter with twitch reactions and some of this is playing chess with life.

Bat Signal
Life flashes you the Bat Signal every once in a while. Tell yourself how you’d act and then follow through when it happens.
Actually, scrap that. What you have to do is call upon who you want to be. Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Ghandi, Dr. King, you name them. I promise you that life will spend its effort presenting you with challenges which you must respond to. It may not be a Bat Signal in the sky, it may be a phone call or a text or a social media post. Lord knows that my work colleagues feel my need to save the world even when I know it will spin on. I don’t screw around when it comes to family and friends. And I treat any opportunity to be the best Me I can be with the an amount of seriousness. When that call or invitation to coffee comes, I’ll take it.

A big part of that is acting on who you really want to be. Not who you want to be thought of as, who you want to be. To me, the entire point of life is becoming who I want to be. When you’ve got the chance to act and really put that into action, then you’ve got a choice. The reality is that we all make ourselves up as we go. Each interaction feeds the next one. Each life you touch has impact which spreads. Who you are an hour from now is dependent upon who you are now. There’s really no excuse to skipping the chance to make that moment the best it can be.

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