2015 Dallas MS150 Wrap Up

This past weekend, I once again flew to Dallas and rode with my cousin and friends in the MS 150 from Dallas to Fort Worth. This trip had a slightly different route than the one I’m used to but sported the usual crew and atmosphere. I really consider myself fortunate to have gotten to know a lot of my cousin’s good friends. They’re such good people to support her effort like this year after year and have been very successful at raising over $2 million in the 15 years since the Feisty Devils team was formed.

15 Years of Feistiness
15 Years of Feistiness and About $2 Million Raised

The most positive thing I get out of this weekend is just that: the time with people. Sometimes we split up over the weekend with the miles and time on the bikes involved. This time, I spent all of Saturday’s 86 miles with her and one of her best friends. It took more effort than some recent years but may have been more rewarding as a result. We got to talk a good bit and loads of fun.

Dallas MS150 Start 2015
Before 86 Miles of Pure Joy. OK, 86 Miles.

The second day, my cousin took a slower pace and the other two of us rode ahead at a faster clip. It was just as much fun only harder. My stomach wasn’t loving life most of the day and it always takes a conscious effort for me to remember to hydrate enough. Still, my legs felt good all day and the hill climbs I get in Atlanta pay off in flatter Texas.

One thing that made the 160 miles even more enjoyable than usual was my playlist. As part of my fundraising, I let my donors add songs to a Spotify playlist. Some of the songs were inspiring. Some were funny or catchy. Some were truly horrific. One pretty much spoiled my ability to listen to the Beatles again. The idea was a really good one and helped me raise my highest total to date. There were times when the tunes kept me going. I definitely remember stringing together song names like Kickstart my Heart because I Can’t Drive 55 and I’ll never Give You (this hill) Up, but Come ON Eileen, your friends don’t dance so they’re no friends of mine!

Cheesing it Up
Cheesing it Up

Thanks so much to all those who supported me. Keep track of what you want for next year. I’ll be doing this again. Awards for the 2015 playlist go to:

  • Most Singable – Safety Dance – James Lee
  • Goofiest – Chicken Monkey Duck – James Lee
  • Danceable (Yes, on a bike) – Stayin’ Alive – Lisa Rolf
  • Ass Kickingest – Kickstart my Heart – Don’t recall. Claim it and you’ll get credit. Turbo boost!
  • Let’s Get This Last Leg Done – Back in the Saddle Again – Mark Johnson
  • Most Likely to Make Me Shout – She Blinded Me With Science – Kevin Smith
  • Most Cringeworthy – Anything by Marty
    Honorable Mention – Come on Eileen – Lisa Rolf
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Bane was Compelling

2 thoughts on “2015 Dallas MS150 Wrap Up

  1. Eric, thanks so much for continuing to ride with Alyce.
    She told me that she couldn’t have done it without you
    and Melissa.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We got her through Saturday. As Melissa said, we ride to support her. I’m glad we did it.
      It’s easy to know when Alyce is behind you. Because she’s talking. Always. To anyone.
      Which is inspiring. She has so many people who care for her.


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