Ambiguity and the Personal Reboot

In the past, there’s been a direct correlation between the number of plane trips I’ve taken and the number of blog entries I’ve had. When those have been good, positive trips, I’ve been energized and come up with ideas at a solid clip. By those measures, 2013 was a terrific year. 2014 has been more difficult because of some things going on at work and personally. It’s been tough to be objective and creative at times. My flights have often led me to read rather than type. That’s about to change.

A big part of what steered me away from the keyboard has been ambiguity. Ambiguity makes it tough to focus on what you want and can make you dwell on possible outcomes – that just takes up mental cycles. It becomes too easy to consider what might happen and spend less time writing blogs on  making your own destiny. Fear may be a mind killer, but ambiguity can be a stealthy ninja.

What’s changing is a duel I’ve won against ambiguity. That took quite a bit of introspection on what I enjoy at work and a big dose of making my own destiny. I found a way to make a shift towards an area which will enable me to spend all of my time focusing on a domain which I truly love. In the process, I’m going to be able to leverage what I’ve done well in the past couple years while learning new and evolving concepts. Those ideas, technologies, and approaches are only going to grow in importance over the next decade so this is a strong career move as well. I’m doing this without quitting and joining a new company so my relationships stay intact and even grow.
Personal Reboot
A personal restart can flush out the noise and help you process life better.
What this does is gives me a personal reboot. When you restart a computer, you clear out some of the cluttered memory and processing tasks so that you can let it cleanly spin up what it’s good at. All the resources which makes it good at what it does are there and freed up for attacking new activities. You can also install some upgrades and keep it functioning well. I’m excited by the prospect and thrilled that I’ll be plugged into the same network I was before.


2 thoughts on “Ambiguity and the Personal Reboot

  1. I completely agree. I just rebooted my life by leaving a company and a job I loved and was very comfortable in. I was happy but unsettled and knew I needed something more to drive me. Change is uncomfortable but during change and the challenges that come with new beginnings is when we learn and grow the most. Whether it’s a daily reboot or a complete life reboot, rewards come when you reach outside your comfort zone. Best wishes on your reboot!


    1. Great points!
      I’d say that it’s always best to evaluate where you’re at and where you’re going. Have realistic yet ambitious dreams about what you want to accomplish and act to get there. Having a solid definition of what you find successful helps.
      I’m glad you’re making change happen the way you want. Congrats!
      Mine is maybe more of a slight change in course than a complete reboot. I’ve got a tremendous opportunity at the company I work at now. This means I have some stability even during the change. I want to make myself a bit uncomfortable though. That’s how I’ll get the most out of it.


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