Friendship When We Need It

Of the blog entries I wrote last year, one which I feel the most at home with is On a Good Day. It has to do with spending time appreciating the things and people around us every day. There’s the great days in our lives which are very easy to recognize, but we often just take the good ones for granted. Our close family and friends play a huge role in how much we get out of life and our ability to accentuate the positive.
Pooh and Piglet were always there for each other. Your best friends are like this.
Pooh and Piglet were always there for each other. Your best friends are like this.
What about the bad days though? What about the times when we get laid off from work, have health issues, family troubles, or are just plain stressed out? These are the times when your good friends come out of the woodwork. They are also the times when you prove yourself as a true friend when someone else needs you. I don’t mean that we’ve got something to prove, I’m quoting my dad quoting Rocky Balboa who said “Friends don’t owe! They do because they wanna do.”

Doing because we wanna do is important because very often someone who needs help has trouble accepting it or even asking. I’m saying this from personal experience on both sides of the equation. Since it can be tough asking for help, you may not even be aware of other people who’ve been through similar circumstances. They may not have ever asked for it themselves. What I’ve found though, is that those who really care will keep in touch and make their presence known. They may not be able to do anything about what’s bothering us, but their contact helps on its own.

This is even more important because it can be difficult to even know when we need that personal pick-me-up. We can get so wrapped up in things that we may not even realize how badly we need a break. I’m extremely fortunate to be in a circle of family and friends who are always there for each other. There are several times I can think of in the last year when one of us has had something go sideways in our lives. Some have been for extended periods. Each and every time, I know that we’ve been there for each other. It’s been discrete and persistent. Beneficial yet not annoying.

It’s easy to walk through a room of celebrants and feel welcome. It’s special to be able to appreciate the everyday with your buds. It’s priceless to know you’ve got people who truly have your back and that they don’t have to think twice about you being there for them. Always be on the lookout for those times when you can aid a friend. When a friend reaches out to you, stop and take a moment to listen. Chances are that they know something you don’t.

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