What do People Like to Read?

I’ve written 80 posts now and have observed something interesting. I always write what’s on my mind and try to keep at a theme or have some topics queued up to go. Some are deep, some are silly, some are off the cuff, and some feel like I’m killing time (like last night in an airport). The interesting thing is that I can’t always predict what people are going to respond to.

Will people read it?

The early entries about vertedness and self confidence had lots of reads and comments on my Facebook wall. The week after the Newtown shooting, I took a week off social media and came back with a very serious post about people and agendas. Lots of people read and shared that. Those all took a lot of thought and work.

Sometimes the opposite is true. This week I published two entries (well, before this one). The first one was about taking my kids to Pacific Rim and enjoying the hell out of it. I researched it and linked to some interesting articles and really had a good time pulling the entry together.  My mom (an authority on kids, right?) thought it may be the best post I’ve written. The second entry was almost an extended status update. I was stuck at an airport trying to get home and noted that the busier I get at work, the harder I push myself to get a lot of things going in a given weekend. I took a picture from my seat at the gate and typed a couple paragraphs. Guess which one of these two generated more interest.

This doesn’t really change much. I’ll keep writing about what I’m passionate about. Sometimes things will click, sometimes I’ll write just for the fun of it.

If there’s something you want more of, let me know!

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