Maximizing Downtime

It seems as if my 2013 has been a non-stop whirlwind of activity.  Those who know me have been tracking me zigzagging across the country like I’ve been running from an alligator.  I’ve had lots of meetings, phone calls, and delayed flights.  The good news is that busy is good for work and that airports are good for blogging in (at least for me – yes, I’m doing it now).  The bad news is that all this travel can tire me out and can take its toll on my non-work relationships.  Somehow family and friends are incredibly important as is the need to recharge.

The view at Gate D14 in Philly... for the foreseeable future.
The view at Gate D14 in Philly… for the foreseeable future.
My response seems to be matching the intensity of work with intense weekends.  For example, last week my wife and I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday, Saturday had me at my brothers’ house during the day and chilling out at home in the evening with my family.  Sunday I went on a bike ride with a friend then took the boys to Pacific Rim and helped my wife cook dinner when we got back.  I’d been fried from a long week of meetings in California and somehow I managed to recharge and have fun through a really busy weekend.  Then I was out and at it again Monday morning.

It’s odd how a really active work week can lead me to aggressively take back my work-life balance.  My family has taken a few cruise vacations and even on a ship, I’m never in one place for very long.  There’s times I need to force myself to kick back and relax.  How about it?  Do you keep a fast pace when you relax?

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