Travel Karma

Last week I told a story about following a lady through security at the airport.  She was fairly clueless about the process and then got lost.  I proceeded to help her out and point her on her way.  That made me feel good and really should have bought me some travel karma.  Such is not the case.  The way back was just a mess.  It should have been amazing, but it was a mess.

I was pressed to make it home from New York in time for a friend’s surprise party.  I got a cab with no effort and sailed through security.  I even had enough time to do my reverse-Superman-in-a-phonebooth and change out of my work clothes in the mens’ room.  Don’t laugh too hard, it happens all the time in airports as business travelers attempt to reclaim their lives and their comfort. My outbound flight was just a bit late but it was no big deal.  I boarded the plane and got settled then it just all became a mess.

It's sitting there.  Waiting.  Waiting.
It’s sitting there. Waiting. Waiting.

Serious and minor mechanical problems turned into a solved issue and an easy 15 minute fix.  The easy fix was delayed by a part which had to be driven across town.  Then it became a longer delay because of weather which had moved in.  Hours later, it became rush hour traffic as delayed planes tried to leave on the only active runway.  That got me in bed around 3AM.

The upside were some nice additions at LaGuardia which meant plenty of power to work with and a decent seat.  I also managed to use a travel meal voucher on a couple drinks so that wasn’t all bad either.  I did get home safely and my dogs welcomed me home without keeping me up too late.

Something to pass the time.
Something to pass the time.

So, i’m taking a little good travel karma along with the bad.  And I’d better, because I wrote this on another delayed flight.

It's good to get home!
It’s good to get home!

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