Comfort Rules

This will probably seem a bit trite but it’s top of mind at the moment. I’m at the end of a multi-hour wait for a plane due to my schedule and inability to see a flight on a travel portal. I’ve done email, had a beer and a salad, taken a couple Instagrams, and checked into my social networks. I have seen the new Star Trek trailer and tried to talk my wife into tutoring a friend’s daughter while wearing a fluffy bathrobe over her clothes in an effort to embarrass someone. The action here at Bradley International Airport is fast and furious. Given all this excitement, you may be wondering what I did first when I got through security. Or not. But I’m going to tell you anyway.

Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother suits up. I suit down. My first stop was the recently cleaned handicap stall in the men’s room where the work clothes came off and jeans and a hoodie went on. It’s kind of an inverse Clark Kent/Superman-in-a-phone booth routine. I enter a business superhero (in my own mind) and exit a relaxed guy with earbuds. The key here is that I’m comfortable and on my own terms. I’d be somewhat embarrassed about this but I know other people who do it and have seen evidence of it happening before. It helps me get through a long day. Does this guy look like he’s having any fun? No.

I’m not ranting against business attire here. It’s got it’s place. My home office attire is pretty similar to what I’m wearing now though. The more I pay attention to other business travelers, the more I realize that others are taking this approach. It’s easy to spot people who are going to pull that Clark Kent/Superman trick on the flip side of a flight so that they can suit up. We aren’t traveling looking like total schlubs. We’re just making the trip more bearable.

There’s certainly comfort food. Comfortable chairs. The comforts of home. Comfort rules. Even when you’re not around those things that comfort you.


8 thoughts on “Comfort Rules

  1. I too do this; all the time.

    I’ve changed clothes while riding the Parisian metro, in Swiss trains, in London pubs, in speeding taxis and in airport business lounges. I have no shame, but I travel mighty comfortably.

    At least you have the decency to take the effort of going into the men’s room. Good idea; I should try that sometime. đŸ™‚


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