Eat your Veggies – Expand your Horizons

The other night I was cooking and took a break to stuff some olives with blue cheese and make a martini. That’s not something your average high school kid tries to sneak or a typical college student has on a night out. Blue cheese itself is a divisive food. My wife, who loves cooking, won’t touch the stuff. At the same time, it brought back memories of a recent business trip to California where I had a couple of those drinks during the week with a brother in arms.

I grew up in a house where my dad excelled at hiding veggies anywhere but in plain sight. He may have actually forgone food he really liked in order to cover green things. He’s so out of touch with what vegetables actually taste like that he loved some avocado soup my wife made for a brunch. No, avocados aren’t veggies. It was actually asparagus soup that we told him was avocado. While this is certainly not more wisdom from my dad (I’m sure even Rocky ate broccoli), it is a great life lesson. If you give something a shot, you may end up really liking it.

This is more wisdom from my mom who wanted me to try everything on my plate. Remember that this is a woman who raised two boys while getting input from a guy who quotes Rocky for inspiration. This philosophy applied to more than just dinner. She wanted us to try some of everything at school and elsewhere – even though I ended up going to school for engineering and math is certainly not her strong suit. I’m sure she’s happy that I’ve come back around and done some writing which is what she loves.

If there’s a moral to this story, it’s that trying new things leads to new experiences which you may actually enjoy. We weren’t born liking everything that we do today. In order to extend ourselves, it’s important to branch out and try that new experience. It may even be something you get a passion for.

Even my wife the chef wouldn’t touch mussels until we had them in Barcelona about 9 years ago. Now she loves them and… Wait, no. I’m the one who cooks them.

3 thoughts on “Eat your Veggies – Expand your Horizons

  1. Remember the Brontesaurus Bergers? Ogletree’s, the original grocery in Dunwoody Village, had ground lamb. I made burgers for dinner, but realized that if I told you and Hal what it really was, you’d probably never eat it. So I renamed it. I new delicacy was born! Baaaaaaa


    1. I never knew. I think we’d have eaten it. Yes, it’s ironic now.
      Aren’t you proud that I’m promoting eating veggies?
      Dad loving that “avocado soup” still cracks me up. We should try something like that over Thanksgiving.


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