Relating: How People See The World

One of my friends is a terrific photographer. It’s not his day job but in an ideal world, maybe it is or will be. He’s a fellow biker who rides road and mountain plus likes hiking and doing things with his family as well as friends. As a result, some of what he photographs is nature that I’ve seen as well or his family who I know too. The one thing that always amazes me is how well and differently he captures images of what I see daily. It’s a peek not only into a photographer’s eye, but behind the man. That makes every shot he takes just that much more special. It has been great seeing him get published and exposure.

Photos from/of regularjoephotography
Copyright Joeseph Cattoni

Not everyone I know is a photographer although plenty of friends dabble pretty seriously. The most I do is take shots using Instagram. What I’ve come to realize is that each picture is an attempt to depict the world from our own perspectives. Some of this just looks cool, more of it is self expression and showing others how we look at the things. Pictures are just one way we do that but they can be the most powerful. This blog is one of my attempts at self expression and an attempt to explain what makes me tick.

I’ve written before about themes like who our “digital selves” are. I think that they’re extensions of who we are walking around day to day rather than a proxy. We can express ourselves more freely through words, images, and video online at times than just talking. That helps us give people a better idea of who we are and what we stand for. It can help us relate to each other better because there’s an additional forum for interaction and getting out what’s bottled up inside. At the same time, expression can be very difficult. Putting your thoughts or work in front of others can be an opportunity for validation or chance of rejection or invalidation. Sharing in any fashion takes courage and a sense of self worth.

Paying attention to that effort is important as is recognizing it. Knowing other people in a deeper fashion means understanding more about them and their perspectives on the world. Any time you communicate with someone, you need to do a little work and put yourselves in their shoes. Look through their eyes. Not everyone takes stunning pictures, or types out stories or their outlook on life. We all work to tell about ourselves though. Look under the surface and you’ll find yourself relating better and find yourself rewarded for the effort.


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