Here’s an example of doing stuff I love. I had a terrific time making and eating these mussels!


Hi everyone!  I was in St. Louis last week visiting my parents with my two boys. And my dog. I haven’t gotten back to the kitchen yet but my husband did some yummy cooking before we left and agreed to do a guest post for me….

Hi, I’m “hubby” and I’m doing a guest blog this week. My first jobs in high school and college were at restaurants and I’ve cooked ever since. It’s great that Suzanne and I both enjoy cooking since it brings us closer together. I’ve written a couple blog entries about doing stuff you love and food which you can read at these links:

Doing Stuff You Love
My Un-Food Blog

Last weekend, Suz said she wanted to take things easy for dinner and I said I’d take over for Sunday. She reminded me that I had mussels on my brain and I figured I should…

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