When You Care Enough to Say the Very Worst

Somewhere in all these topics I’m attempting to explore is a bit of humility and the need to have a thick skin. There is also the need to have a good time with your close friends. Sometimes it’s good to have fun at their expense too. In my entry about Doing Stuff You Love, I referred to the term Monopoly shit. I picked that term up at some point in college from my wife (then girlfriend) and it doesn’t even exist in Urban Dictionary. Monopoly money is just like real money only fake. Monopoly shit is just like… well, you get the picture. It’s giving someone a hard time without being really mean about it.

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Here is a good example. There’s a Tuesday night mountain bike ride I go on with friends when I’m in town, have no conflicts, and actually remember. This past week, I forgot about it and we’d gone on at home on as if I weren’t going to the ride and out Mexican food afterward. This is what my friends did to me on Facebook.

That’s right. “I can’t ride my bike… because, you know… fish and all… you know.”  There’s no understanding there about my dinner plans. I was just getting ripped because… well, fish.  And I caved to “pier pressure,” too.  This is a perfect case of Monopoly shit. It’s expanded into other conversations too. Maybe not virally, but at least localized enough to smell a bit fishy.

I’ve said that you should take a lot of joy when things are going well for people and to tell them that. Be encouraging. Monopoly shit isn’t kicking someone when they’re down. It’s also not joking with the occasional stranger. It’s something you can do with folks you’re close enough with to know that they really won’t be offended. And giving someone carp (oops, that wasn’t a typo) like this means that you have a good connection with them.

Along with taking the time to smell the roses, don’t take yourself so seriously that you get upset when some Monoploy shit lands on you. The ability to have a bit of fun even at your own expense it a good quality to have. Knowing when to dish it out and when to stop is an even better quality.

So here’s to good friends and the good times we have with them. May we be there to support them when they need it, offer encouragement when they’re down, and rip them just a bit when they’ll get a laugh and a smile.

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