More Smelling the Roses

This is to cap the “stop and smell the roses” entry from earlier last week. I had a really good week at work. I got to hang out with some people I don’t see that often and catch up. I stayed at a hotel near the office, went out to dinner, and had drinks which was enjoyable. During the day, we did some education on new products and presented to each other on how to position them to customers. The creative part of the process was really invigorating plus we all learned from each other.

Over the course of the week, I won a prize which was a nice dollar amount. One of my sons was on a school trip and I didn’t see him all week aside from me being gone part of the time. When the weekend rolled around, I decided to blow the cash on the family. On one hand, it was a way of saying I love them and missed them. On the other, it was to see if we could all shift ourselves away from the usual family hassle. I have two boys the same age gap that my brother and I are. That means that they pick on each other and stress my wife and I out the way I did to my folks when I was a kid. The weekend was all about saying “yes” to each other and getting along.

We went mostly electronics-free on Sunday which was a rainy day. I put on a tropical shirt and positive mental attitude then dedicated the day to us. Everyone got something for them. My wife chose a place for brunch. We caught a movie, both boys got to shop for something reasonable they wanted and I wasn’t going to tell them no. I didn’t intend for the weekend to turn into a staycation but it did. Even more than a fun day at the beach, this helped us get back in touch with each other after a week apart. One brother let the other one swipe his ball cap over and over again. They danced in a parking garage (I did use my phone to capture that moment). Mom and Dad didn’t have to drag them apart. The car rides were even sane. Somehow the four of us managed to put our energy into getting along instead of annoying each other and making corrections every few minutes.

Yes, it rained and we made lemonade out of the lemons.

All in all, it felt really nice to just enjoy each other. We’ve all got so much programmed time and daily tasks to fill up the rest of it. Taking the opportunity to simply enjoy the family time with no agenda was extremely liberating. Even the movie we went to was showing so often that picking an option was easy. The most I raised my voice was at the end of Madagascar when I shouted “MOVE IT!!!”

This blog entry was just a quick tale of taking a break from the grind and doing nothing but what we wanted. Sometimes, throwing out the agenda is just what the doctor ordered.

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