Dirty Little Secrets

Preface – I wrote this last week and didn’t immediately think to publish it.  There’s a few reasons to that:
1) I got sidetracked with Rocky
2) It’s pretty personal
3) I’m treading in territory that is FAR more about my own feelings and not substantiated by anything resembling research, training, statistics, or the like.  I could be totally off base and need boatloads of therapy.  I doubt it, but there’s my safe harbor statement.I also wrote the blog before I saw Brené Brown’s TED Talk on vulnerability (the first or the second) or the talk by Frank Warren who came up with www.postsecret.com.   I’m not sure if those validate my viewpoints but they do validate the topic itself.

Please comment.  Or don’t comment and keep it to yourself if you choose.

OK, this is not what it seems. I’m not here to say something truly embarrassing about myself, you, or anyone else.  This is about things you keep to yourself because you like them and would just as soon enjoy them on your own. Your inner introvert is plenty happy with this because there are some things you just want to keep to yourself. I do think this is one of those subjects that apply to everyone to some degree.

I’m sitting here watching day become night From a plane above Texas (a stunning sight by the way) and the Thievery Corporation mix of Sarah McLachlan’s Dirty Little Secret just shuffled on my iPad.  It’s a haunting tune that kicks off a chill out playlist I’ve got. The last time Spotify posted a Sarah McLachlan album to my Facebook timeline, I got an “Aww, isn’t that sweet” comment. My reply was essentially that I’m not in grade school, listen to mellow stuff when I work, and don’t really care who knows about it.  Heck, she played in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in a city that rioted over hockey later that same year.  It can’t be totally unmanly, can it? Of course, that’s also why Spotify has a mode to listen privately so you can avoid moments like that. So you can keep those dirty little secrets to yourself.I also had a friend today comment that his inner geek was stoked that The Avengers was coming out soon. There were a few of our friends who commented about it and one even declared himself a “neek” which is a combo nerd and geek. The point remains – lots of people don’t walk around reading comics and plenty of grown ups probably don’t discuss the latest doings of Iron Man in the opening moments of business calls. Still, the movie is going to make a huge amount of money essentially by having people embrace their inner geek – in public.

Some of what I’m talking about has to do with that introvert-extrovert topic of my first blog. There are some things I enjoy talking about and some times I’ll actively seek out conversation with whomever is around me. There are also times when I’d like to keep my thoughts to myself and listen to music that would cause some snickers.  The introvert side of my personality is happy just keeping that for myself and sees no need to go into it with anyone else.  Another angle to this is the topic of self confidence but I think I’ll keep that for another blog entry.

I my opinion, having those private things you enjoy just for yourself is healthy. They give me time to be at home with myself and my thoughts. My feeling is that my own self perception drives who I am as a person.  One of my other previous blogs was about self awareness and how you interact With other people. I suppose this one is about inner self awareness and how you enjoy who you are on your own.


4 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. The Sheep says: not all things a person keep to him/her/self are happy things. some are dark, and best left deep inside.


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