Why there are two R’s in the blog title – Facets to your Personality

I know at least one person has thought it: Can’t this guy spell his own name?  There’s no way it ends in two r’s.

In fact, you’re right.  It’s really spelled “Schneider” however, many of my friends call me RR.  Here’s why and here’s why it’s relevant to the topics I’ve been writing about.  What commenced as something funny actually became a personal growth and awareness mechanism.

The tall bald guy in the middle.

For background, RR started as RedRocker – my name on a local mountain biking forum due to my red bike and love for Sammy Hagar‘s music.  I met a lot of my current friends via that board and the process helped me get into what is today social media plus drew me more into being a vocal individual.  RedRocker is the more outward, extroverted, fun-loving side of my personality as you expect.  That side is more social, talks smack with friends, and enjoys bleeding a little bit.
Just over year ago, I bought a road bike and was dubbed RedRazor.  That was from my friends kidding me that I’d soon start shaving my legs.  I find road biking more quiet and introspective.  I’m more apt to go on a solo road ride and mull challenges or set goals.  I also use a GPS and track my progress much more closely while trying to outperform myself and my friends.  These are times when I’m more focused and quietly competitive.
Finally, I have one more RR: RedRollaboard.  RedRollaboard goes to business meetings in other cities, spends nights at Westins, and has a well-charged iPad.  This is my professional game face that brings together my more outgoing and introspective sides.  This is the ambivert that collaborates with teams, listens to customers, and presents solutions.
It’s great being able to feed the different sides of my personality.  Being at home in your own skin helps your self confidence and keeps you balanced.  Recognizing that there are facets to your personality aids in your self awareness which leads to a better understanding of how you relate with others.

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